Creative Direction: Mary Traina


Born This Way

Graphic design extends so far beyond what most think is typical for a studio to work on. Our experience working with major television networks has provided us with some great opportunities to brand hallmark shows. Here, we spent time with A&E to identify the feel of their hit series, Born This Way, and put together a graphics package and toolkit their production team could use during editing. We love the fresh feeling the package lent to the new season of their award winning program that focuses a lens on young adults with Down syndrome as they pursue their passions and lifelong dreams.

WACO: Messiah or Madman

Few had ever heard of the Branch Davidians and their leader David Koresh until the events of February 28, 1993 when a raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on their center close to Waco, Texas, left four agents and six of the religious sect dead. We were certainly in that camp. To create the trailer for their docuseries about the incident in Waco, A&E gave us the keys to an incredible amount of archival footage to dig through. With interviews, photographs and video footage, we cut together a promo spot that would be a shocking enticement to find out exactly what unfolded that February day in ‘93.