Building a Brand

When BBC America rebranded in 2016, they called us up to translate their new design into a cohesive brand system. Network packaging comes with a staggering list of deliverables. Working with johnson + wolverton and the in-house team at BBCA, we turned an idea into a solid graphics package. 

The new BBC America is modern and energetic. Leaning on editorial design principles allowed us to bring a freshness to the brand landscape, keeping it simply elegant yet full of life.


Staying Between the Lines

We designed everything to live within a consistent grid. Everything. Living life 100 pixels at a time isn't for everyone but the results are fantastic. Setting this grid limitation allowed us to move quickly through design and messaging without the audience feeling overwhelmed. 

In developing the animation style, the grids play an equally important role, creating consistent movement while bowing to critical information. The motion matched the tempo track provided by our editors and we leveraged it to make sure we were speaking the same language, using color as a visual metronome, keeping viewers on track with the transitions.



Creative Direction: johnson + wolverton