Showcasing 40 vendors who reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the borough, DeKalb Market Hall is raising Brooklyn’s profile as a hub of innovative cooking and dining experiences. With the Show Kitchen, cocktail bar, and daily live programming, DeKalb Market Hall is one of the largest food and entertainment centers in New York City.

Rescue Vessel became involved right at the start. We were tasked with building the brand from the ground (basement!) up. Personality and community were immediately identified as crucial parts of the story, a marriage of New York City’s long history of culinary authenticity and its contemporary standing as trend setter. Starting with a deep dive into the food culture of the boroughs, we put together imagery and messaging that pays sincere homage to what has always made NYC cool: celebrating the wonderful diversity of people that make it what it is.



Pizza Guy Illustration: Jeff Phillips
Wall Mural: Annica Lydenberg


Below: Seeing your designs come to life in three dimensions is always illuminating! This neon sign is a beacon for the market hall which uses the same shape as the logo mark with the type arranged vertically which was important to consider when designing so that the overall elements of the mark could stand strong no matter the arrangement or use.


Above: Got to get our hands dirty with Dirty Bandits creator/operator Annica Lydenberg. She hand-painted this mural!

Below: Series of posters designed and wheat-pasted around the space to complement the mural and to support the DMH brand visually within the market hall and avoid the risk of logo redundancy.

Thanks for looking.

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