Art Direction: Tina Roth Eisenberg, Nic Annette Miller, Kate Matsumoto
Photography: Tory WilliamsAce Boothby
Gold Gilding: Bob Gamache
Video: Ace Boothby


Tattly does a great job of making their customer experiences special.  To help bring some of their personality through in the otherwise bland world of shipping, we redesigned their mailers and envelopes.  At the same time, they were opening their first Tattly Parlor pop-up shop, and we designed the window signage for it.


The primary goal of the designing the mailer was to elicit joy from the customer upon receipt. What’s better than seeing a fantastic package on your doorstep?

During the research phase, we discovered through conversation that during the early years of the company an unwavering dedication to postage stamps and shipping via first class mail was at the core of the brands identity. But, due to the constraints of the US postal service, many packages were lost and a new solution needed to be found. With this in mind, we started putting together postal iconography married to the upbeat vernacular from Tattly’s many mantras and established a graphic system that would allow these icons to live harmoniously on any packaging. The result is a treasure hunt of graphics and text that ask to be investigated.

To complement the mailer, TATTLY wanted a small envelope to hold TATTLY nice and cozy during shipment. A significant chunk of TATTLY’s story is anchored in Brooklyn, New York, so what better way to pay homage to the borough than by creating a city scape complete with brownstones and water towers along with a handful of visual nods to the block the business calls home. If you look at the row of windows beneath the TATTLY sign, you might just see them waving from their HQ!

The typography kit we put together as a part of the visual system for the mailers included some classic tattoo parlor font types. When TATTLY setup their Temporary Tattoo Parlor within the Invisible Dog Art Center, they called on us to help them with the window signage. We think the result is pure gold.