Pop Culture Toolkit

The History Channel of today is not your grandparents’ History Channel. Times change and History has been able to do what most cannot — adapt and evolve while staying true to who they are. While they have always been and remain one of the great storytelling networks, their programming has changed. The bold, honest stories of today needed a promo spot to match. Thus, the ‘No Limits’ spot was born — driven by an energetic cut and packed with dynamic type.

  • Creative Direction

  • Design

  • Animation

Pop Culture Toolkit

The ‘No Limits’ spot quickly made waves within History and became a favorite of ours as well. So much so, that we began discussing how we could take this look and expand upon it. With so much content living beyond traditional broadcast, the range of stories being told truly has no limits. To accommodate these stories, we developed the Pop Culture Toolkit. The strengths of its preceding spot were turned into a package that could be widely used by the in-house team at History. Every story, no matter how small, could now be told with the energy they deserved.