Sherman's Showcase

Every so often, a client brings us a project as fun as they are and pushes the creative just enough to make the idea pop. This is exactly what happened with Sherman’s Showcase. 

As a new kind of sketch comedy, Sherman’s Showcase demands promo packaging as colorful and funky as the show itself. From our earliest conversations through final delivery, this project took on a funkadelic life of its own.

  • Promo Packaging

  • Animation


The initial concept chosen by our friends at IFC was called “Colorama” and they weren’t kidding. Color was at the heart of this packaging, and it became the driving force behind nearly all of our decision-making. What better way to represent a variety show than with the full spectrum of color? Why use a few colors when you could use them all? Those are rhetorical questions we didn’t bother answering. 

The result is a far-out promo that looks just as good on TV as it does in the streets.