The Movie Show

In a world without movies, we need shows about movies. Preferably #2 rated public access shows hosted by puppets. Our friends at SYFY answered the call with The Movie Show — a film-centric comedy show covering all of the blockbusters we know and love.

  • Promo Packaging

  • Logo Development

  • Animation

Blow shit up.

The direction chosen for the promo packaging made good on its only promise — no subtlety, all fun. Lightning? Check. Lens Flares? Check. Flames? Check. Lasers? Check. What’s that? We couldn’t hear you over the car explosion and the UFO flyover.

Logo Development

Before we were granted our pyrotechnics license, we had to prove ourselves by developing the logo a show like this deserves. There were many paths we could go down and some of the early versions are still near and dear to our heart. A version of the final choice ended up being used in both the promo packaging and the key art.